I love learning English习题精选

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摘要:  Unit 6 I love learning English  一、写出所给单词的正确形式(10分)  1care(副词) 2often(比较级) 3、mean(名词) 4、Amer

  Unit 6 I love learning English


  1care(副词) 2often(比较级) 3、mean(名词) 4、America(形容词) 5、story(复数 6、translate(名词) 7、TV(全写形式) 8chance(同义词) 9、many(最高级) 10、follow(同义词) 、 二、英汉互译:(10分)

  1、打电话 2、全世界 3、在世界上 4、在报纸上 5、把••翻译成•• 6、五百万 7、一条信息 8再一次 9、get more information and knowledge 10、从不放弃 三、根据首字母和汉语提示补全单词。(5分)

  1. What l_____ do you speak in Canada?

  2. Paul is a shy(害羞的) boy who can’t _______(交流) very well.

  3. My ambition is to be a l_____.

  4. The teachers always give us some good a____.

  5. What’s wrong with your _____(舌头)?.


  phone, ago,sentence, follow, translate

  1. Wednesday ________ Tuesday.

  2. I don’t understand the meaning of this ________.

  3. Please ________ the words into Chinese.

  4. He went to the U.S. three months ______.

  5. May I use your ______?


  1. The Great wall is the ____(famous) in China.

  2. Jim’s father encourages him ___(play) football.

  3. You must look at the blackboard ____(careful).

  4. Nobody ___(know) me here.

  5. Predict your ____(predict) for the future.

  6. They each ____(have) a good time.yesterday.

  7. Are you good at ____(dance)?

  8. Please help me ____(choose) a new cap.

  9. Three are many ____(build) in Beijing.

  10.Tom,you should ___(go) home now.


  1. Have you read the news ________ the newspaper?A. on B. in C. at D. with

  2.Our teacher encourages us _____it again. A.try B. keep C. having D.to try

  3. ________ is good for our healthy.A. Walk B. Walks C. Walking D. Walked

  4. I’d like to send this letter ________ England ________ air.

  A. to; in B. for; on C. at; with D. to; by

  5. Jenny keeps ________ my name?

  A. forgetting B. forgets C. to forget D. forget

  6. ________ first I didn’t like him but now I do.

  A. In B. On C. At D. For

  7. — __________? I did not understand what you said.

  — OK! I’ll speak more slowly. A. What B. Excuse me C. Really D. Pardon

  8. Does Wang Mei have any __________ friends?

  A. English-spoken B. English-speaking C. speak English D. English speak

  9. —May I speak to Lynn? — _______ Lynn.

  A. I am B. This is C. It was D. She is

  10They told ___about their families.A.the other B.with C.antherD.each other

  11.It was fun ___ mary ____play football.A.to,to B.for,for C.to,forD.for,to

  12.I hope I will have a son or a daughter____.

  A.one day B.someday C.sometimes D.yesterday.

  13Tell the students _ quiet in the classroom.A.be B.to be D.not to be D.are

  14._____after supper is good for you.A.Walk B.Walks C.Walked D.Walking

  15.Jim and Tom didn’t know ______it.A.what B.what to doC.How D.How to do

  16.Chinese is the main language _____ in China.

  A.uses B.to use C.used D.be used.

  17.The teacher came in,please stopped ____.

  A.to talk B.talked C.talking D.talk to

  18.There are three _____ in the city.

  A.million peoples B.millions peoples C.million people D.millions people

  19.I have a friend _____ James A.names B.is named C.named D.name

  20.I don’t understant this word, Please _______ in the dictionary

  A.look it for B.look it up C.look up it D.look like it

  21.Wang Fujing is a place ____ you can buy many good things

  A.who B.what Cwhere D.when

  22.Jim is_____toread the____news.


  23.He comes form ______ So he is an _______

  A.America,AmericanB.America,AmericaC.American,AmericanD.AmericalAmerica.24.If it ____ snow,we will play football tomorrow.

  A.will B.would C isn’t D.doesn’t

  25.Tom is _____ heavier than last year.A.too B.much D.many D.more


  1.I want to stay ____ school ____ Shijazhuang.

  2.He didn’t go to school because ___ his sick.

  3.Thanks a lot ____ giving me help.

  4.You will work hard ____ improve your English.

  5.Who can translate English _____ Chinese?

  6.You can find lots of things ____ the Internet.

  7.All the students in China are interested ___China.

  8.Tom lives in an apartment ____ his grandfather.

  9.I will have an office ____ the very top.

  10.Do you like to read the book ____ English?