The power of books

2020-05-19 18:29:48


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  In the world, there are many different kinds of books. Fiction books, comic books, novels, cartoons and so on. I love reading books not only because they tell me how to be a good person but also how to treasure my time. If I am unhappy, I will open my favorite book and drink a cup of coffee, it will lighten my mood at once. If I am in trouble, reading a book will calm me down. If I feel lonely, books will be around as my best friend. While I am reading, I feel like talking to the author. My love for books makes me relaxed and happy.

  Books also give me more knowledge and imagination. Sometimes, we can’t travel far, then we can open a book and have a look at the place we want to go. Sometimes, we want to know our history or the history of other countries, then we can open a book and it will tell you everything. Sometimes, while we are reading a science fiction book, we will enter a magical world and experience something new.【星火作文网】

  In life I believe books are everyone’s mutual friends. They are quiet but will always listen to you. They connect the world and make it a better place.